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Natural Hair Extensions


West-Kiss-Natural-Black-Peruvian-Straight-HairThe natural hair extension activities have been dominating and with no relent in 2017. With relaxer sales decreasing (as a direct result), it’s easy to see the significant influence that natural human hair is having on black women around the globe. Despite this phenomenon, one aspect of hair care does not lack consumer interest.

Companies go where the consumers are, so as natural hair becomes a lucrative business, it is incredible that we see more weaves, extensions, and wigs with natural hair textures being offered by many manufacturers. The news about this increase in real hair wigs and extensions is that new extensions are available! Naturals are creating extensions and weave for other naturals. I love it! Here are a few companies that have put in the extra work to make some natural hair wigs and extensions.


People use wigs for so many reasons which include to cover the loss or to get fashion styles to look pretty. 

1、Produces a natural appearance

2、Get styles what you like

3、Last longer

4、Easy care

Tips For you natural hair

Wearing clip-ins and wigs are great alternatives to wearing drying synthetic hair, braids, having to style your hair while transitioning to healthy hair care.  The aspect Naturals misstep is allowing hydrated hair which makes them struggle with growth retention. Here are tips that may be helpful.


Water is essential for hydrating hair properly. If your houseplants or flower bed goes without water for longer than 2-3 days, it is prone to drying out and wilting to its death. View your hair as a plant. Our hair requires water, lot of water, not oils and butter.

 Recommendations: Water


Shampoos tend to be full of detrimental additives that strip our hair of its natural goodness. We need mild cleansers that are free of peeling sulfates, silicones, petroleum, alcohol and excessive emollients (oils and butter).


 Water does nothing once it evaporates. Water and conditioners work hand in hand. Conditioner enhances hydration but leaves remnants of healthy, clean emollients behind to “condition” your hair for the next step.


Some oils and butter tend to be excessive and far too burdensome to allow moisture penetration.


Get Fall Winter Weather Ready! Here are some beneficial ways to get your natural hair ready for the fall/winter season.

1. Deep Conditioning

Every week your real hair should receive some tender love and care filled with moisture and time. The simplest way is with a deep conditioner. After you wash, apply a thick conditioner.

2.  Oil Treatments

This type of hair treatment is carried out weekly or. Just warm the oil and work it into your hair. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse out.

3. Secured Styling

Winter is the time to bring about your favorite protective styles! If you want to try out various textures, clip in is vital. Secured styling is also an excellent method to use while your natural hair is closed and secured underneath. So after your next hot oil treatment, make sure you weave your hair and pin away any loose ends. Safely protect your desired Clip-ins to create your desired look. This kind of protective styling can last up to weeks at a time and aids your hair to absorb moisture over a more extended period due to low manipulation.

4. Massages

This step supports mental health and relaxation. By giving you daily scalp massages, you can stimulate your roots and enhance the growth of your hair. This is rarely ever a bad thing! You can decide to do this with or without using oil during the massage. As long as you use your fingertips in a light circular motion, you are set to go!

5. Trim

Depending on your type of hair and taste, you will have to trim more often than some. For example, if you are passing through a transiting phase from processed hair to all natural, now is the time to prune. Before the fall, it is essential to get rid of any split or dead ends in sight. So take your scissors ready to cut as required and not to go overboard by being scissor happy!

Peruvian Human Hair Wigs For Black Women

peruvian virgin human hair full lace wig

Also very common and growing in fame, Peruvian human hair is an excellent alternative to a pretty wavy hair. Although the waves are not as tight, the Peruvian wool has a slack high tide that falls easily without losing body.

Peruvian hair is mostly curled to develop the tight wavy pattern. The long-lasting span of Peruvian hair wig allows the hair to retain its texture well in humid and hot periods.

This hair is also made of Afro-Caribbean hair and resistant to the sun. However, keep your hair investment moist and damp regularly to avoid tangling.

About Peruvian Human Hair

  Peruvian hair is coarse and light brown, darker or deep brown colors.  This hair is a little rougher and thicker in texture than Indian hair. It harmonizes well with standard African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. Peruvian wool has received attention since 2010. Peruvian hair is multi-purpose hair. Peruvian hair can appear naturally voluminous regardless of the fact it is lightweight. Meaning, you can have over 500grams (5pcks) of hair and yet it feels like feathers. It is manageable even when the hair lacks proper maintenance. Peruvian wool is excellent for sleek straight styles as well as short & edgy styles. If you usually use heat, style the hair, be sure you use a leave-in hair conditioner first. Style hair with a wide tooth comb, beginning at the ends and working your way up towards the scalp. Use styling aids free from alcohol,

Care of Curly Peruvian Human Hair Wig

•     Use a wide tooth styling comb only, when hair is wet.

•    Apply the suggested products, style the curly Peruvian hair weaves while moist, let it to air dry and then leave it alone!

•   Never comb dry curls for you will disrupt the curl pattern

•    To refresh curls, spray with plain water, leave in conditioner or diluted curl activator.

•    Use aids that are free from alcohol, such as mouse, gel, and hairspray in moderation.

•    Do not use greasy products; it can cause your hair to tangle

•    Before you go to bed, braid, twist or pin curl your hair.

•    Never sleep on damp hair.

•    Rest on a satin covered pillow.

peruvian virgin human hair for black women

General Care Of Peruvian Human Hair

•    Installation of the hair: To ensure that your Peruvian human weft extensions do not fall installation, I advise that you follow the instructions below: Do not remove the weaves because most of the patterns are either hand-tied or feature a very thin weft, which makes your design virtually undetectable and more straightforward to install. Due to this, the delicate weft is cut, this loosens the hair in the weft causing what appears to be falling.

•    Combing your hair: I advise you to straighten your hair every morning. Brush your hair from the ends in the direction of your scalp. Starting from the ends keep the pressure from the weft area, it is an excellent way to maintain the longevity of the extensions.

•   Keep Your Hair Dry Before Sleeping: You should never rest on your hair wet. Just ensure your hair is dried before you go to sleep and you shouldn’t have anything to worry.

•    Swimming In Tubs: You want to go swimming in hot tubs? I recommend braiding your hair before entering containers to avoid tangling. It is advisable to wash your hair right after swimming. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming.

•    Tools For Styling: It is essential to use a paddle back brush using gentle strokes when washing and styling the hair.

If the above measures must be taken into consideration, you will have the perfect wig.

Full Lace Wig Peruvian Hair

Full Lace Wig Peruvian Hair-Peruvian-Virgin-Human-Hair-8A-Kinky-CurlyYou will enjoy your Full Lace Wig Peruvian Hair every moment and everyone will admire its stunning looks. Hair happens always to be part of the style environment. Gone are the days when human hair extensions were used only by regular people with baldness. Nowadays, people are very fond of full lace Peruvian wigs.

The wig companies create Peruvian hair of various style and color. Additionally, the two principal types of full lace wig Peruvian wool around available in the hair market via glued full lace wig Peruvian hair and glueless full lace wig Peruvian hair. 

Females who want classy hair caring less about messy attachments like glues or adhesives love full lace wig Peruvian wool. Glueless full lace Peruvian wigs made by having a resizable strap with a ribbon inside the front which runs along the perimeter belonging to the hairline.

Simple to apply and straightforward to get rid of nightly, these wigs gives a delightful limited hold. Many famous people also take advantage of putting on these wigs to ensure a beautiful hairstyle over an unhealthy hair day.

You can find some many benefits of by using full glueless lace wig Peruvian hair. The optimal matter for these rugs could be the variety of hair models you will try out with them. They are highly required from customers in existing moments as a consequence of the various options they supply.

They offer you a pure, delightful, gorgeous and glamorous look and feel for almost every occasion. These wigs not only assist you to feel beautiful but will also take care of your first hair dust, smoke and sunshine rays.

A great many regular people are allergic to the chemical substances implemented as glue inside the full glued lace wig Peruvian hair. Adhesive ​less wigs raise the comfort and ease with the consumers because they are safe and simple to apply and remove.

Peruvian Virgin Human Hair 8A - Body Wave.

They are also not destructive on your ​head pores and skin. Because they will not make the hair messy, it is possible to remove them, allowing your first hair to maneuver freely. All you will have to clean hair glueless lace Peruvian wig is your weave brush as well as a weave shampoo.

Not a whole lot time is necessary to wash them, in contrast to the glued ones. Most people will purchase their hair extensions from the internet since they may be further simplified, they usually will not have to go from store to shop to discover the right color and style they need based upon their organic hair.

Selecting by going online can save you money and time around the long haul, supplying you use of an entire collection, making it possible, so you find what exactly you need based on your different hair wishes and also budget allowed.

Full lace wig Peruvian hair has grown to be a favorite approach to include volume and duration to your Remy's hair.  An example of the right details about full lace wig Peruvian hair tends to be that it is possible to style them just like your natural hair.

If you have straight hair, you'll be able to increase hair extensions to offer your locks a great deal more quantity. This more volume can make any curly type look lavish and total.

When applying for the extensions, make sure you layer them all over your hair. It is remarkably quick to attempt once you are using glue-in wefts. However, you might need some ​help when making use of them ​ again​. Heading to the salon to ​have your extensions ​done is suggested, mainly because the stylist can sew or clip them in your ​head.

Full lace Peruvian hair will always help to cover messy hair.

8a Brazilian Straight Hair


8a-Brazilian-Straight-HairI begin this publication by discussing why 8a Brazilian straight hair might be an appropriate option, if not the best when you want to buy new textile. Firstly, Brazilian straight hair 8a is an excellent choice when it comes to dying or whitening your hair. These activities can be performed without causing much damage to the hair. Some of the other types of hair tend to be damaged relatively quickly when they are stained or discolored.

Also, you can comb 8th Brazilian hair as you want because this type of hair is usually strong and durable. Therefore, you can use your favorite tools for hairdressers and add styling products, such as hairspray, without causing much damage to your hair. The hair will allow you to reach almost all types of hairstyles you want.

However, we must keep in mind that it is essential to make sure you buy 100% 8a Brazilian human hair and make sure that the source you are buying does not treat your hair with a chemical before sending it to you.

When it comes to buying high-quality 8a Brazilian hair at affordable prices, you need to make an excellent decision. There are many options when choosing 8a Brazilian straight hair, and costs should be taken into account.

In this way, it is very important to find out about the various types of hair that you can purchase, the advantages and disadvantages of each offer. When you do not buy the right kind of hair, your natural hair will not adapt, it will create an unpleasant look and you will waste your money.

8a Brazilian straight hair is a famous choice of hair very popular among women who wear weaves. This type of hair has many advantages to consider and many people find that it blends with their natural hair without it being obvious they are wearing a weave. Authentic 8th straight Brazilian hair

For a long time, you can paint your face with the 8th Brazil by discoloring your hair, highlighting your best function, such as the eyes, cheeks and lips, away from the features you do not want to emphasize carefully.

Benefits of 8a Brazilian Straight Hair

Perhaps the most significant advantage of having Brazilian 8a long hair is that it makes you look increasingly attractive. Women with 8a Brazilian straight hair receive more attention than those with other hair because they create a more dramatic effect.

Long Brazilian straight 8a hair can frame your face, showcasing your best features - like your eyes, your cheekbones, and your lips - while you draw away from the features you do not want to highlight.

More Benefits of 8a Brazilian Straight Hair

8a Brazilian straight hair gives you more options regarding style. On the one hand, it is easier to separate, weave and shape in any design you want. You merely have a lot more options with 8a Brazilian hair.

Even hair reinforced with keratin treatment is less likely to break, adhere or curl. Instead, you can look bright, polished, tidy and with little maintenance.

Disadvantages of 8a Brazilian Straight Hair

8a Brazilian straight hair has some drawbacks in some cases. For example, it is harder to keep fingers, paper clips, hairpins and other hair-care tools because they tend to slip away immediately.

And women with 8a Brazilian straight hair may need to wrap hair elastics around their hair three or four times before they will stay.

But the reality is that when you have a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, you are less likely to need clips and other devices to keep your hair up. Instead, you will want to show off your luxurious head of hair.

 8a Brazilian straight hair is likely to be the most sought-after hair on the market. Specifically, 8a Brazilian straight hair originates from donors in the South American enviroment.

 The hair holds style well and blends very well with most ethnic hair types. Offered as a straight, curly 8a Brazilian straight hair is versatile enough to accommodate all customers.

Cheap Clip In Hair Extension For Black Hair


Clip-in hair extension provides long, durable hair. However, finding the best hair extensions for black hair could be a big deal. Since there are very few products in the market that meet the perfect texture of African-American women's hair, some Afro American women just buy everything they can put on their hair and do not wonder if  looks good on them. And if you encounter this sort of dilemma, do not worry because I have the solution!

Ways To Locate The Best Clip-In Hair Extension For Black Hair

Affordable clip pn hair extensionMany African American women wear black hair for many reasons. Although many nationalities now wear hair extensions, people often relate weaves with Afro ethnicity. But basically, ladies wear it to beautify and foster their natural hair or just as a hair growth agent! The Clip-in extension is an excellent alternative for longer and fuller hair in minutes. 

Unlike the intricate method used to obtain intertwined black hair, it is more comfortable to wear a clip in hair extension. It also has a lower risk of hair loss because all you have to do is fix the hair extension using the clips.

Benefits Of Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions For Black Hair

•    Low maintenance hair enhancement

•    Temporary hair extension

•    Cost Effective

•    It is easier to apply in that you can do it at home

The most relevant aspect to remember in choosing the best hair extension for you is to determine your hair type and ensure that the clip will blend seamlessly with your natural hair!

Best Clip-In Hair Extensions For Black Hair

1. Light Yaki Texture:

Straight, straight hair is a classic that looks good on women of any ethnic background. Light Yaki is the best option if you want these long and thick locks that do not seem too silky. It combines well with beautiful hair that has undergone a straightening process as a relaxing one. Light yaki texture is one of the best hair extensions for black hair that will never go out of style.

2. Coarse Yaki Texture.

This pattern is slightly similar to Light Yaki, and its hair has an increased number. This clip-in extension texture can be much better for African-American hair.

3. Afro-Kinky Straight.

Kinky straight hair with strong hair has more rough texture than Coarse Yaki. Also, this type of hair has almost unobtrusive waves that have become a straightforward pattern. It grows in the fabric of a natural hair curly hair blended with straight hair.

4. Afro-Kinky Curly.

It is one of the best black hair extension clips that are not only enhancing natural, curly kinky hair. It will also help you keep these beautiful patterns for a long time!

The hair is the coronation of a woman. It does not just emphasize your beautiful face. It also describes your personality and character. Each woman has the right to have a beautiful hair that will give her the impression of a valued woman. So do not be afraid of being adventurous, try new things for your hair.

What To Check Before Getting Cheap Extensions For Black Hair

Hair extensions: The hair extensions should be premium quality, original human hair. Single donor hairXi.Rocks 5 Clip in Hair Extensions 70cm Length should be in its extensions. Honestly, the hair should be very impressive. The strands should be soft and silky. It should be “premium quality hair”

Treatment: hair extensions must be treated chemically. You can handle, stylize and put on your natural hair. Remember, cuticles in Remy’s hair facade in the same direction. The hair is flexible and performs natural movements like your natural hair.

Tangling and Life Expectancy: Regarding the duration of hair extensions, expect your extensions to last from 13 to 24 months, depending on how you care. As with your hair, proper care is essential to the life of all hair extensions, so spread your extensions like your hairstyles! Be sure to take care of your clip in the hair extensions since each direction comes with its own package.

Hair extension clips are well known because they are easy to install and may be easier to use. These hair extensions are perfect to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. You can even buy a full headset to copy your favorite person’s hairstyle. Hair clip extensions require very little maintenance. They are gentle because they do not always serve your head. It has many advantages.

The black hair clip in the extensions is perfectly silky and soft. You can use it without fear of damaging the hair because the clip is of silicone. You have the sensation of silkiness because it is very smooth. It is also free of tangles and shedding. The use of this hair clip in is very easy. One package is 18 inches, 7 pieces, 120 grams of hair, enough to cover the entire head.