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Natural Hair Extensions


West-Kiss-Natural-Black-Peruvian-Straight-HairThe natural hair extension activities have been dominating and with no relent in 2017. With relaxer sales decreasing (as a direct result), it’s easy to see the significant influence that natural human hair is having on black women around the globe. Despite this phenomenon, one aspect of hair care does not lack consumer interest.

Companies go where the consumers are, so as natural hair becomes a lucrative business, it is incredible that we see more weaves, extensions, and wigs with natural hair textures being offered by many manufacturers. The news about this increase in real hair wigs and extensions is that new extensions are available! Naturals are creating extensions and weave for other naturals. I love it! Here are a few companies that have put in the extra work to make some natural hair wigs and extensions.


People use wigs for so many reasons which include to cover the loss or to get fashion styles to look pretty. 

1、Produces a natural appearance

2、Get styles what you like

3、Last longer

4、Easy care

Tips For you natural hair

Wearing clip-ins and wigs are great alternatives to wearing drying synthetic hair, braids, having to style your hair while transitioning to healthy hair care.  The aspect Naturals misstep is allowing hydrated hair which makes them struggle with growth retention. Here are tips that may be helpful.


Water is essential for hydrating hair properly. If your houseplants or flower bed goes without water for longer than 2-3 days, it is prone to drying out and wilting to its death. View your hair as a plant. Our hair requires water, lot of water, not oils and butter.

 Recommendations: Water


Shampoos tend to be full of detrimental additives that strip our hair of its natural goodness. We need mild cleansers that are free of peeling sulfates, silicones, petroleum, alcohol and excessive emollients (oils and butter).


 Water does nothing once it evaporates. Water and conditioners work hand in hand. Conditioner enhances hydration but leaves remnants of healthy, clean emollients behind to “condition” your hair for the next step.


Some oils and butter tend to be excessive and far too burdensome to allow moisture penetration.


Get Fall Winter Weather Ready! Here are some beneficial ways to get your natural hair ready for the fall/winter season.

1. Deep Conditioning

Every week your real hair should receive some tender love and care filled with moisture and time. The simplest way is with a deep conditioner. After you wash, apply a thick conditioner.

2.  Oil Treatments

This type of hair treatment is carried out weekly or. Just warm the oil and work it into your hair. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse out.

3. Secured Styling

Winter is the time to bring about your favorite protective styles! If you want to try out various textures, clip in is vital. Secured styling is also an excellent method to use while your natural hair is closed and secured underneath. So after your next hot oil treatment, make sure you weave your hair and pin away any loose ends. Safely protect your desired Clip-ins to create your desired look. This kind of protective styling can last up to weeks at a time and aids your hair to absorb moisture over a more extended period due to low manipulation.

4. Massages

This step supports mental health and relaxation. By giving you daily scalp massages, you can stimulate your roots and enhance the growth of your hair. This is rarely ever a bad thing! You can decide to do this with or without using oil during the massage. As long as you use your fingertips in a light circular motion, you are set to go!

5. Trim

Depending on your type of hair and taste, you will have to trim more often than some. For example, if you are passing through a transiting phase from processed hair to all natural, now is the time to prune. Before the fall, it is essential to get rid of any split or dead ends in sight. So take your scissors ready to cut as required and not to go overboard by being scissor happy!

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