How To Cure Yeast Infection Naturally

How To Cure Yeast Infection Naturally

‚ÄčSix Methods on how to cure yeast infection naturally.

Yeast infection is an extremely uncomfortable condition characterized by itchiness redness and burning sensation when passing urine. The infection is caused by Candida Albicans fungus when they grow out of control causing a pH imbalance around the vagina. Although most people resolve to use antibiotics to treat the condition, the most recommended method is by using natural treatment and preventing methods. Using natural methods to control this fungus is highly recommended in that; it helps prevent a recurrence of the same. Discussed below are some of the most effective remedies showing you how to cure yeast infection naturally.

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1. Crushed garlic: Garlic is an excellent home remedy for treating yeast infection. Garlic is rich in antimicrobial and antibiotic properties that help neutralize the infection. Garlic oil works best when mixed with Vitamin E oil as it helps boost absorption of the antimicrobial properties thus normalizing pH levels around the vagina. Using garlic to spice your meals is recommended as it helps prevent future occurrence of the same.

2. Use cranberries: Cranberries have medicinal properties similar to those of garlic. Cranberries contain powerful antimicrobial properties that help treat and prevent yeast reinfection. It also contains powerful soothing compounds that help treat the irritation within a matter of minutes. Cranberry is most effective when taken in its natural form.

3. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is another effective home remedy used to cure yeast infection naturally. The oil is rich in anti fungal properties that help kill the candida fungus and restore normal pH levels. Tea tree oil may be applied on the affected area using a soft cloth. This should be used sparingly to prevent side effects.

4. Stop using strongly scented soaps and stay dry: Anyone suffering from yeast infection is advised to wear loose clothes and try to stay dry. Any panties or inner garments should be dried properly and well aerated. This helps contain the infection and make it possible for infected areas to breathe. It would also be advisable to bath pure water and stop using any fragrances in bathtubs.

5. Eat yogurt: Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotic bacteria, which doctors consider good bacteria. Probiotic bacteria helps eliminate harmful fungus and bacteria from the body boosting good health. Taking a cup of yogurt every day can help control body pH and also help treat candida infections. Probiotic bacteria not only helps regulate pH levels but also boost digestive health remarkably. Alternatively, you can apply some yogurt in and around the vagina to help soothe the irritation. You however need to be very careful when applying yogurt in the vagina.

6. Practice proper hygiene: Yeast infection has also been linked to poor hygiene in women. This can be caused by heavy use of scented soaps, strong perfumes and going for days without bathing. Dirty undergarments can also cause vaginitis, which is the reason you should practice proper hygiene. To prevent this, you should wash, dry and aerate your undergarment to ensure they are clean and free from the fungus.

The home remedies discussed above have been proven to treat and cure yeast infection naturally without the need of using over-the-counter medicine. These also help prevent many other health conditions caused by microbes.

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